Wednesday, 27 May 2015

More Bus Shelters Required By Mount Druitt Commuters - Mount Druitt St Marys Standard

Well my old advocacy group, Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc. is really carrying the banner of improvements, within the area. Imagine not even a quarter of our bus stops are covered. No wonder NSW Government, Bus Operators and other important stake holders do not want to  promote  bus services, without having proper bus top shelter infrastructure.

I'm sure material cost would not cost $15,000 - to construct a bus shelter as provided by an official from Blacktown City Council, if 100 bus stops were sheltered per year for a cost of $1.5M - I am sure through a  proper tendering process the total cost could be reduced to $5,000 per bus shelter. The bus stops I see in Mount Druitt look like a lesser cost than $15,000. I think when the private company that constructs the shelter places 100 markup then that is where the costs are high. Council may need to open tenders for this and seek reduced costs for bus shelters.

Also I do think bus operators, should place part of their profits into the construction of bus stops. They can afford to do this!

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